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As of 2018, I have made five feature films, TV movies, crime series, several mini-series, theatre productions, short films and commercials. I tell stories about characters. Often I find my heroes in the midst of a crisis. It might be the soldier returning home, the recent widower, the housewife left behind by her husband, the stripper losing her mother, or the alcoholic facing his last days on earth. I search for stories that bring us closer to who we really are and who we want to be. I love stories that will take you from smiles to tears and back again. I love a good laugh in the midst of a tragedy. I love working with actors, searching for the complexity of humanity. I like endings that give us hope.  More ›

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June 23, 2018

Lisa Ohlin has signed up for the international production “A Day in the Life”, written by Xavier Nemo and produced by Dog One productions, Göta Film and Lupus Film; to

January 26, 2018

Lisa Ohlin released her first book, “Ravinen”, a diary of making a feature from writing the script to the opening, together with essays on filmmaking and the art of directing.