Lisa Ohlin

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HISTORY Swedish/American Lisa Ohlin has to date directed twelve 45-minute episodes of crime, five feature films and several TV dramas. She has developed and conceptualized two TV series, in addition to directing episodes for others. She
started in short films and commercials and has also worked at Sweden’s major theatres with drama and musicals.
Lisa Ohlin holds a Masters of Art in Film from New York University and a Bachelors of Art in Drawing and Social Anthropology, Magna cum Laude.

2007-2009 the Swedish Film institute selected Lisa Ohlin as Swedish film commissioner for feature films.


Television Work

2021: Beck: 2 x 90 minute films: “58 minutes” and “The crying policeman”
Director and Additional scriptwork.
The long running and popular Scandi Noir series based on Maj Sjöwalls and Per Wahlöös books, about an older seasoned murder investigator and his colleagues. Shooting in Stockholm.
Producers: Filmlance International, Sweden for TV4/Cmore and German ZDF

2020: Beck: 2 x 90 minute films: “Death in Samarra” and “The lost son”.

2019: Maria Wern: 4 x45 minutes untitled episodes. Director.
The long running popular crime series about a tough investigative cop on the little island Gotland outside of Sweden. Shooting on Gotland and in Stockholm.
Producers: Warner Bros., Sweden for TV4/Cmore.

2018: Stockholm Requiem: Paper Boy.
Director and additional scriptwriter.
Running time 90 minutes.

2013: Wallander: Sorgfågeln /Wallander: the Sad Bird. Director and additional
DVD release October 2013.
Running time 90 minutes.
The very last episode of a long running series, A fittingly powerful climax, the final episode was warmly received by many critics: The Guardian’s Phil Hogan wrote that Wallander had “bowed out gracefully” and particularly praised lead actor Krister Henriksson’s performance. “Henriksson rose wonderfully to the job. His Wallander – emotionally difficult,
brooding and self-fancying – has never invited the viewer’s warmth, but in his Lear-like roaring against this new, cruel, unreadable fate we feared for him and of course ourselves.”

2005: Kvalster / Mites
(four episodes, 4x 58 minutes for the National Swedish Television, SVT FICTION)
As Director and Head of script development.
Broadcasted in 2005, reruns in 2007 and 2011.

2002: Familjen /The Family (two episodes, 2x 52 minutes for the National Swedish Television, SVT DRAMA).
Broadcasted in the spring of 2002 on Swedish National Television.

1996: Nattens Barn /Children of the Night
(four episodes, 4×26 min for the National Swedish Television, SVT DRAMA)
As Director and as co-writer. Broadcasted in the autumn of 1996. Awarded as “best TV-film of the year” by the Swedish Magazine “Nojesguiden”.

Feature Films for Theatrical Release

2016: De Standhaftige / Walk With Me
Director, story developer, additional scriptwriter for the Danish film.
Theatrical release March 2016, excellent reviews.
Running time: 103 mins
Walk with me was nominated for two Danish “Robert Awards”, for the

2011: Simon och Ekarna / Simon and the Oaks
Director and additional scriptwriter.
Theatrical release December 2011.
Running time 120 minutes.
Simon and the Oaks were nominated for thirteen National Swedish Guldbagge (Swedish Oscar) Awards, including Best picture and Best direction. It received two, for best supporting actress and Best supporting actor. It had nationwide release in the US, with excellent reviews in New York Times, Washington Post and LA Times.

2006: Sex Hopp och Kärlek / Sex Hope and Love
Director and scriptwriter.
Theatrical release August 2005, excellent reviews.
Running time: 93 minutes.
Sex Hope and Love was awarded “The Innovation Award” for direction, at the Montreal World Film Festival 2005. It was also awarded for best male actor at the National Swedish Guldbagge (Swedish Oscar) Awards in 2006.

2003: Tillfällig Fru Sökes / Seeking Temporary Wife
Director and co-writer.
Theatrical release in September 2003.
Running time: 93 minutes.
Seeking Temporary Wife was awarded at the Italian International Festival delle Donne in 2004 for best film and best Male actor’s performance.

1998: Veranda för en tenor / Waiting for the Tenor
Director and co-writer.
Theatrical release in the autumn of 1998.
Running time: 90 minutes.
Waiting for the Tenor was nominated for seven awards, and awarded for best male actor performance at the National Swedish Guldbagge (Swedish Oscar) Awards in 1998.

Theatre Work

2012: Next to Normal, Stockholms Stadsteater Director

2012’s biggest theatrical success with all 52 performances sold out.

2006: Dr Glas, Vasateatern Character direction for actor Krister Henriksson. A monologue intended for 10 performances which ended up running for 6 years, with critically acclaimed guest performances at the Wyndham’s Theatre in London.

Commercials and Corporate Films

Lisa Ohlin has directed more than 30 commercials for large Scandinavian enterprises as; Den Norske Bank (awarded), Telenor, Braathens, Tine ost, SEBanken, Svenska Spel among others.
Ms Lisa Ohlin has twentyfive years of experience in the Swedish Motion Pictures Industry, as Director, Screenwriter and Assistant Screenwriter.