SIMON AND THE OAKS nominated for 13 “Swedish Oscars”!

The Guldbagge Awards jury today nominated Lisa Ohlin’s SIMON AND THE OAKS in no less than 13 categories, which is more nominations than any film has ever received throughout the 48 year history of the award. The nominations include Best Film, Best Director and Best Actress (Helene Sjöholm). The Guldbagge Awards, also known as the Swedish Oscars, will take place in Stockholm on January 23rd.

All Guldbagge Award nominations for SIMON AND THE OAKS:
Best Film
Best Director (Lisa Ohlin)
Best Cinematography (Dan Laustsen)
Best Actress (Helene Sjöholm)
Best Supporting Actress (Cecilia Nilsson)
Best Supporting Actor (Jan Josef Leifers)
Best Editing (Michal Leszczylowski and Kasper Leick)
Best Costume (Kajsa Watkins)
Best Sound (Jason Luke)
Best Makeup (Linda Boije af Gennäs)
Best Soundtrack (Annette Focks)
Best Scenography (Anders Engelbrecht, Lena Selander and Folke Strömbäck)
Best Visual Effects (Marcus B Brodersen and Lars-Eric Hansen)

Confusion on the set

The director (me): And then you walk that way and say your lines…
Little Simon (Jonathan): But we came from this direction??
Me: …. Oh?… ehhh … Then go the other way.

Mild confusion on the set of “Simon and the Oaks”.