Foto från Beck 58 minutes
Bild från Wallander Sorgfågeln
Bild på Beck – Döden i Samarra
Bild från Beck – Den gråtande polisen
Sviten föreställning
Next to normal föreställning
Beck – Den gråtande polisen
Wallander Sorgfågeln / The Sad Bird, 2013
De Standhaftige / Walk With Me, 2016
Simon och ekarna / Simon and The Oaks, 2011
Beck den förlorade sonen
Beck – Döden i Samarra
Beck – 58 minuter
Sviten föreställning
Next to normal. Photo Petra Hellberg
Maria Wern - Fienden ibland oss_
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Lisa Ohlin (Fotograf: Carl Thorborg, @carlsbergtuborg)

Lisa Ohlin

I am a storyteller, in all media – on screen, television and stage as well as in writing.

I once started out with canvas and color, painting large expressionist
figurative works, seeking to express emotional states. Soon however, I found the medium too confining and turned to film. My urge to explore human behavior in visual manifestations found home. Since then, I have expanded to stage as well as writing.

As of 2022, I have made five dramatic feature films for theatrical release,
several TV series, eight feature length crime episodes, short films and
commercials. I have staged original plays, a major musical and written a book about filmmaking.

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