Lisa Ohlin’s new project – a film/theatre hybrid, “THE SUITE”.

Coming this fall, a theatre/film fusion will be set up at Theater Intiman in Stockholm.

The brilliant play, “The suite” is a piece originally written for radio drama by Denise Rudberg and Mikaela Bley. Lisa will combine film and stage performances to unravel the mystery of what happened the night 9 people partied, only to find a young girl dead in the suite next morning. The piece focuses on economic and sexual power, peer pressure, crossed boundaries, and exploitation.

Lisa + BECK

As the first woman, Lisa directs Sweden’s most long running and beloved crime series, BECK, with Peter Haber as the good hearted but somewhat disillusioned police officer Martin Beck. Based on the characters of the famous Maj Sjöwall and Per Wahlöö book series.