Great reviews for Simon and the Oaks in the US.

Simon and the Oaks opened in the beautiful Paris theatre in New York and then went nationwide. Some press clips:

With its exhilarating World War II narrative and performances that touch notes intimate and grand, Simon and the Oaks has an exquisite, and epic, ache. The New York Times, David DeWitt

Simon and the Oaks is not merely the story of two boys from opposite sides of the tracks. It’s also a larger meditation on life’s hardships and what endures: love, art and civilization.
“Simon and the Oaks” is a two-hour theatrical feature that has the kind of emotional and storytelling reach regularly found these days only in cable TV miniseries….
directed by Lisa Ohlin from a script by Marnie Blok, “Simon” provides unexpected textures and twists for its story, and supplies so many dramatic situations and scenes that by the time it’s over we feel we’ve lived through it along with its characters. The emotion is plentiful here, but the film rarely hits situations harder than it should, thanks in part to expert acting that resulted in three Guldbagge nominations and two victories. Los Angeles Times, Kenneth Turan